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Earn To Die 2012

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2012The zombie apocalypse has become more and more talked about and fancies in the recent past. Whether you are a fun of the horror movies involving the zombie apocalypse or not, if you love racing with big beautiful cars and smashing through enemies to rescue yourself from danger then the Earn To Die 2012 is a game you should be trying! Zombies are known to be creatures that are always flesh hungry, not getting satisfied no matter how much they eat. If you are stuck in a land all by yourself with a horde of zombies who are hungry and looking to eat you. As a survivor and a racer with beautiful and fast cars and the precision needed to go through the zombies, define the and maybe even kill a few. It is a time where survival for the fittest becomes a reality and you have to prove yourself and the power you have to race through even the worst of situations. The game Earn To Die 2012 begins you on a very dry and open desert land where you have to find a way to save yourself from the huge number of flesh hungry zombies that are after you. In this game, it is all about you and how fit you are to survive the apocalypse or find a salvation. In part Earn To Die 2one of the game, you are running away from the zombies, smashing through some as you go and just trying to stay alive and leave the desert. In part two of the game, your journey continues and your struggles leave on. With part two however, you will notice that the graphics are better and the game becomes faster. You also get 3 all new vehicles to continue in your struggle for survival and finding a way to kill all the zombies or at least escape their hunger.

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